Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Sassy T-Ball Player

My beautiful little mini me had her first team sport experience this year. She wanted to play T-ball so we signed her up at the local Boys & Girls Club and waited patiently for her coach to contact us and for her to have her first practice. We got the call and arrived and found out my little sassy clone was the only little girl on the team. Didn't phase her a bit, the only problem was the helmet the coach had didn't fit her so we went off on a search to find a helmet that fit her. We finally found one she loved (shocker, it was pink) and we decided since she was the only girl we could personalize it a little bit. Which brings me to my little DIY project:

Since this was my first DIY attempt I decided to start off with something rather simple. I was worried that if I went too complicated I would mess up the helmet and then she wouldn't love to wear it anymore. So I started by gathering my supplies.

Supply List:

  • Helmet (We bought it here)
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook stickers I found at Hobby Lobby

First thing I did was apply the cute glitter baseball stickers. I would like to apologize that you can still see a sticker under the guard. I later removed it but I somehow didn't notice it during pictures. I used her face guard to help me pinpoint the "middle" of the front of her helmet. 

The last thing I did was apply her name to the back of her helmet. I lined up the "T" first and then tried to eyeball the other letters as best as I could. It's not perfect but my daughter thought it was just the most awesome thing that she had ever seen. And that makes me very proud of my little project.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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