Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Butterfly printable

Happy Tuesday!! I wanted to share my first free printable with you today! This is by far one of my favorite sayings, I have it scattered in different locations around my house, so I decided to share one of mine with you. You can download it here. Enjoy!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Natural Snake Repellent & Tips

Hello, friends! Down here in the south it's that time of year again when our little slithery friends are beginning to make their presence known. Around here, having a snake in your yard is pretty common from time to time, but they are mostly "just passing through". I for one appreciate them and their super exterminator skills when it comes to mice, so if I see a little oak snake {non poisonous} I will just leave him to himself and he will eventually leave. How do I know that he will just leave? By taking precautions.

First think you need to do is walk around your property and look for anything that could become a snake habitat {they are constantly looking for new real estate}. Snakes like dark places like under debris and logs. If you have any log piles or fallen logs on your property that you don't want to remove, then it's time to treat that area.

Now, once you have determined the areas you need to snake proof {log pile, garden, foundation of your house, ect} it is time to start repelling those little buggers.

One method you can try is a VERY old method, my grandfather and dad used to do this one, simply sprinkle moth balls anywhere you don't want to deal with snakes. Now me personally, I don't like this one because, well let's face it: Moth balls stink.

I have researched and found a method I am much more fond of. Snakes hate the smell of clove oil and cinnamon. Simply mix together equal parts cinnamon and clove oil in a spray bottle and spray around in areas you don't wish to stumble upon a scaley new friend. Now, because the spray can be washed away in heavy rain, I would highly suggest reapplying after a good steady rain or storm.

And to my friends here with me in South Georgia, I don't mean the almost daily 3:00 pm quick rain, that is usually not enough rain to wash away the mixture, but if you want to reapply then you can.

Tips for avoiding snakes:

  • Always check wood piles and spray your repellent. Never store a wood pile too close to your house
  • Make sure your rodent problem is under control. If you leave a lot of food around (garbage uncovered) then the mice will stay close by, and so will snakes looking for the mice.
  • Always keep extra pet food covered. If you keep your pet food in a barrel outside make sure mice can't get inside. Mice=snakes.
  • Make sure you treat around fallen logs and large rocks, these are perfect nesting sites.
  • Keep your lawn cut short. Long grass is easy for a snake to stay hidden in from predators, short grass is more dangerous for a snake to cross into, so they are less likely to do it, especially if you have a lot of birdie friends around your house.

Do you have a friendly snake on your property? I have a little Kingsnake that likes to stay out in the far bushes of the property. He is unfortunately camera shy so I will do an update with his picture, until then here is a picture of a king snake via wikipedia:

Now, I know what you are thinking. Why on earth would I want to keep one as a friend. Well, you don't have to, but his particular area of the yard, I don't not spray repellent because of him. Why? King snakes eat Rattlesnakes. That's right, this little guy not only kills and eats vermin, but also very, very, bad and venomous snakes. He may stay...far away from the house...but he can still stay.

Hope this helps, watch your step!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why I Love My Kontrol Freeks!

I absolutely LOVE playing video games. It is how I escape and unwind after a long day. I have been playing since I was very young {Atari...whoop}. Unfortunately I have carpel tunnel in both of my hands so holding down the joysticks on my controller hurt a LOT. And then my best friend told me about Kontrol Freeks.

My bestie uses them to improve accuracy, and they work very well. The idea is the extended stick allows the player to perform the action faster without having to push the stick all the way down, and since that was the source of my problem, I decided to give it a try.

I received them in the mail rather quickly, I chose the "bombshells". Aren't they pretty? I'm a sucker for pink {if you couldn't look around the blog and tell}. Installing them onto my controller was a snap, literally.

The Kontrol Freeks attach by snapping onto the buttons that are already on your controller, it took mere moments. 

After I started playing I couldn't believe how easy they were to use. It only took a couple of matches before I got the hang of it, and I am beyond happy with them. They ease the pain for me since I don't have to extend my thumb as much {little hands suck with big controllers} and I am able to play for extended periods of time now with my friends without having to get off early due to pain. Love my Kontrol Freeks!

This is 100% my opinion, Kontrol Freeks have not paid me for any kind of endorsement and this is purely my feelings in regards to this product.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yay! I'm on Bloglovin!

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My Sassy T-Ball Player

My beautiful little mini me had her first team sport experience this year. She wanted to play T-ball so we signed her up at the local Boys & Girls Club and waited patiently for her coach to contact us and for her to have her first practice. We got the call and arrived and found out my little sassy clone was the only little girl on the team. Didn't phase her a bit, the only problem was the helmet the coach had didn't fit her so we went off on a search to find a helmet that fit her. We finally found one she loved (shocker, it was pink) and we decided since she was the only girl we could personalize it a little bit. Which brings me to my little DIY project:

Since this was my first DIY attempt I decided to start off with something rather simple. I was worried that if I went too complicated I would mess up the helmet and then she wouldn't love to wear it anymore. So I started by gathering my supplies.

Supply List:

  • Helmet (We bought it here)
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook stickers I found at Hobby Lobby

First thing I did was apply the cute glitter baseball stickers. I would like to apologize that you can still see a sticker under the guard. I later removed it but I somehow didn't notice it during pictures. I used her face guard to help me pinpoint the "middle" of the front of her helmet. 

The last thing I did was apply her name to the back of her helmet. I lined up the "T" first and then tried to eyeball the other letters as best as I could. It's not perfect but my daughter thought it was just the most awesome thing that she had ever seen. And that makes me very proud of my little project.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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