Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First steps in the sand

Today, I was reading a blog a dear friend of mine from high school had started to keep in touch with family and friends. And what's even more wonderful, she's getting her thoughts and feelings out so she isn't bottling everything up. This spoke to me.

I have a problem that I keep things bottled up because I don't have a lot of outlets for what I'm thinking. I don't like putting personal things on Facebook because not everyone wants to read it. I guess this way, by choosing to click on my blog and read you actually want to know what's in my life.

So welcome. :-)

For those who are not aware, I live with my mother who has Alzheimers. She is a very strong woman who taught me everything I know, so my gift to her is to try and take care of her for as long as I can to keep her living in the house her and my father built so many years ago.

Mom's house is getting old and needs some love in different areas, I have decided to redo, DIY, and upgrade different areas of the home. I'm starting in the main bathroom. The wallpaper is falling off the walls in clumps, and the cabinets are a wee bit outdated. My first few changes are going to be refinish the cabinets, remove the wallpaper, and paint the walls. I'm REALLY excited about all of it actually!

This will have to be the close to my first entry. I know it's not much but time has slightly escaped me and I must finish getting ready to take mom to her Doctor Appointment. Today we are seeing the Neurologist to discuss her current level of dementia. She has been a slight more fiesty lately which is to be expected as mood swings and bouts of rage are common with her disease, but I'm hoping maybe we can find something to help her. I hate how upset she gets when she can't remember what basic items in the house are called, I have thought about buying a label maker and possibly labeling random objects that she has trouble remembering the name of.

Something to think about while I'm in the waiting room I guess.

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  1. The labeling is a wonderful idea girl! I used to be an activity coordinator for a facility that housed Alzheimer's patients I will see if I can find the few sites that I used that help with memory and motor skills and such keep your chin up girl what you are doing for your mom is wonderful and very inspiring. And I am glad you found blogging as a way to let it all out it is very helpful at times!

    With love,

    Camber & Jenn